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Best Weight Lifting Shoes 2018



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Top Tips for Choosing the Best Weightlifting Shoes For You.

  1. Avoid weight training in soft-soled running shoes, as they will absorb your power, and reduce your stability on the floor, particularly when squatting. Increased instability coming from a pair of soft-soled running shoes will make the movement harder, and can increase the risk of injury,


  1. A good shoe for weightlifting will have a hard sole that won’t be compressed when you are lifting weights



  1. They will provide a tight snug fit, and proper powerlifting shoes often have a strong Velcro strap across the forefoot to further increase stability.


Best Sports Shoes for Squats & Deadlifts


Olympic Weightlifting shoes with a raised heel are designed for explosive Olympic lifts and are more expensive. However, for regular gym users, a simple pair of flat soled training shoes are preferred. Lifting barefoot can be a little dangerous, in the event of slipping or losing your balance.