Best Adidas World Cup Footballs 2018 Russia FIFA

Best Adidas World Cup Footballs 2018 Russia FIFA


The Complete History Of World Cup Footballs

The World Cup, also known as the FIFA World Cup and the Football World Cup, is considered to be one of the most important international football (soccer) competitions. It is also the most team represented sports event in the world.

The event is organised by the Federation Internationale de Football Association or FIFA. The men’s national football (soccer) teams are members of this governing body, and these are the teams that compete for the World Cup.

Steps Leading To The World Cup Final Rounds

The championship has been celebrated every four years since the first tournament was held in 1930. The only years the competition did not take place were 1942 and 1946 because of World War II. However, most teams and fans consider the World Cup an ongoing event because the teams go through qualifying rounds during the three years that lead up to the final rounds.

The final phase of the tournament, known also as the Finals, includes 32 teams that compete over a period of four weeks. The host nation for the event is nominated and chosen in advance. These are the games that help make the World Cup the most televised and viewed sporting event in the entire world.

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Out of the tournaments that have been held to this point, only seven nations have won the World Cup Finals. Germany is the current World Cup holder. Brazil is the nation that has won the tournament the most, while Italy and Germany are tied for second place.


The First International Match

The very first international match was held in 1872. England and Scotland were the two teams that played in the football match. The match rarely left Great Britain during this time. However, as the sport gained more popularity, it entered into the demonstration sport in the Olympics in 1900, 1904 and 1906 Summer Olympics. No medals were awarded during these years. In 1908, football entered into the Olympics as an official sport.

It was organised by the England Football Association, and the event was only for amateur players. During this time, the spectators viewed the competition as entertainment instead of a legitimate sport. England’s national team won the competition in 1908 and 1912.


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The Sir Thomas Lipton Trophy

As the Olympic competition continued to focus only on these players, Sir Thomas Lipton wanted to create the Sir Thomas Lipton award. It was a trophy. The 1909 competition is often considered to be the first World Cup and the most prestigious teams from Switzerland, Germany and Italy participated.

The team from West Auckland won the first tournament. The team was invited because the Football Association did not want to participate in the competition. In 1911, West Auckland returned to the competition, defended their title and were awarded the trophy to keep.


The 1932 Summer Olympics

The Summer Olympics of 1932 was held in Los Angeles. The sport was not planned to take part because of the low popularity of the sport in the United States. There was also a disagreement between FIFA and IOC regarding the status of the amateur players. As a result, the sport was removed from the event.

The FIFA Women’s World Cup was first held in 1991. It was a spin off tournament for the men’s games. However, it has not garnered the same level of interest as the men’s games.

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